Friday, October 2, 2009

BCA Angel

Supplies: Scrapkit by Wanda at BlueDream Designs called BCA-2009. Tube of choice. I used the wonderful work of the very talented Ismael Rac, which you have to have a license to use. You can purchase his work at AMI. Font of choice. I used Sweetheart Script. Ok, lets get started. Open a new image 800 x 800. This will give us room to work and you can crop it down at the end. Open Frame 1, resize by 80% and place it in the center of your canvas and add a drop shadow. I used 1 1 60 4 throughout the tut. Click inside it with your magic wand, and selections, modify, expand by 5. Open paper #2 and place over it, and click on that layer, selections, invert, delete and select none. Open your tube, and add your drop shadow. Click on your layer paper and selections, select all, float, defloat, selections, invert. Paste your tube as a new layer arrange it where you want it, and then duplicate it, drag the duplicate layer above the frame layer. Now grab your eraser tool and on the tube layer that is below the frame layer, erase the bits that are hanging below the frame and deselect. Now on your top tube layer erase whatever bits are hanging below, and you don't have to be real careful here, because you have the bottom tube layer showing under it. Open the element called Courage. Copy and paste it as a new layer and resize by 50%. Rotate it by 15 to the left and arrange it on the left side of your frame. Duplicate it and image mirror, arrange it where you want on the right side if it doesn't go right into the right spot. Open the cloud element. Copy and paste as a new layer and arrange it at the bottom of your frame, dragging the layer below your flowers. Open label 2 and copy and paste it as a new layer. Arrange it under the cloud, and drag that layer below the flower layers but above the cloud layer. Open the pearls layer and copy and paste it as a new layer. Arrange it on the left side, and then drag that layer down below the paper layer (that you used to fill the frame). Duplicate it and image, mirror. Add your © info, your name, crop and resize it, then click on file, export, PNG optimizer, click ok, and choose where to save it at, and you'll have your tag saved as a transparent tag. No more white background!

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