Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fallen Angel

You will need the following: Tube of choice. I used the wonderful artwork of Ismael Rac which you have to purchase to use. You can get it at AMI. PTU scrap kit Alyce from Aiya at Juicy Bits Plugins: Xero Radiance, Color Dot My word art HERE. Mask of choice. I used one called Omask011_LT, I don't know who made it, so I am not providing it, but if you happen to have it you can use that one, otherwise, just choose one you like. Open a new 650x650 canvas, flood fill white. Open paper 5 of the add on and set it as your background, by clicking on background and then clicking on the patterns tab and selecting that paper. Make sure the scale is at 100% Click on your preset shapes and choose ellipse. Draw out an ellipse that covers most of your canvas. Objects, align, center in canvas and convert to a raster layer. Add drop shadow of choice. I used 1, 1, 60, 5 Change your foreground to black. On your ellipse layer that you just drew out, selections, select all, float, defloat, modify, contract by 15, add a new raster layer and flood fill with black. Add drop shadow. Open paper 9. Selections, modify, contract by 5. Click on your foreground and click the pattern tab, browse to paper 9 and select it. Add a new raster layer and flood fill with that pattern. Add drop shadow. Open paper O2A0. Selections, modify, contract by 10. Change your foreground to the 02A0 paper and add a new raster layer, flood fill with that pattern. Add drop shadow. Selections, modify, contract by 10 again. Add a new raster layer, change your foreground to #b90f3e and flood fill. Leave selected. Copy and paste close up of your tube or if you don't have a close up, paste your tube, and resize to get it larger, selections, invert, click on your tube layer, and hit delete on your keyboard. Deselect. Add drop shadow to the last ellipse that you just pasted your tube into. Duplicate tube layer. On top layer, adjust blur, gaussian blur, 3. Change blend mode to soft light. On bottom tube layer, apply xero radiance plugin with default settings. Lower the opacity of both tube layers to around 60%. Now with your selection tool set to rectangle, click on your top ellipse layer, and draw out a rectangle covering a portion to the left hand side. Now go to your Tramages Tow the line plugin, and apply with the following settings, top to bottom, 80, 54, 48, 9. Deselect. With your selection tool again, and on the same ellipse, go somewhere in the middle of the ellipse and draw out another largish rectangle. Go to your color dot plugin and apply it with the following settings, top to bottom, 90, 2, 255, 255, 255. Deselect. Add your tube and give it the same drop shadow you added to your ellipse layers. Open paper 6 and paste it above your white background layer. Apply the mask, by going to layers, new mask layer, from image, on the drop down box, pick the mask and click ok. Click on the mask layer and delete it, and then merge the group. Change your foreground to white and your background to #b90f3e. Click on your text tool and using the font Impact with your stroke set to 2, size 20, type out the word angel in all caps. Stretch out to how you want it. Add drop shadow. Change font to a script font, stroke set to 0 and then change your background to black and type out your name over the word angel, and apply your drop shadow. Add any elements if you want. Add your license info and © info. Delete your white background layer, crop excess off, resize if needed. To save as a transparent .png file, click on file, export, PNG optimizer, click ok, then browse to the location you want to save it, and name it and click ok. You're all done!

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