Monday, February 28, 2011

Monkey Business

For this tutorial you will need the following:
Paint Shop Pro: Any version should work fine. I'm using PSP X.
Scrap kit of your choice. I am using a PTU kit from Juicy Bits called Little Monkey.
I am not using a tube in this tut other than the little monkey that came with the scrapkit.
Plugins: Visman Natural: Ripper, Eye Candy 4000 Shadow Lab
Remember that the tubes and elements I use in this tut are only a suggestion. Feel free to use other elements or make yours just like mine, either way, it's completely up to you. Make it yours!
Let's get started.
Open a new 700x250 transparent image.
Open paper 13, copy and paste as a new layer, crop down to fit 700x250 size. Adjust, blur, radial blur with the settings as follows:
Zoom, strength 100, Eliptical checked, all other settings at 0.
Duplicate and hide the top layer. On the bottom layer apply Ripper plugin with the following settings:
Size 78
Width 72
Height 135
Angle 193
Depth 164
Distortion 139
Drop the opacity around 25 or 30.
Unhide the top layer and change the opacity to Hard Light.
Copy your tube and arrange in the middle. Add a drop shadow using Eye Candy 4000 Shadow Lab, using the following settings:
Direction 315
Center offset 5
Overall Opacity 100
Overall Blur 56
Perspective Blur 0
Draw only outside selection checked.
Open the little green square element (EI10) copy and paste as a new layer, rotate to the left by 12.
Open element (EI26) copy and paste as a new layer, rotate to the left by 90. Drag below the little green square and arrange however you like it. Duplicate, image mirror and arrange on the right side however you like it.
Add a new raster layer at the top. Selections, select all, modify, contract by 5. Open a paper of your choice, I used 8. Copy and paste as a new layer, click delete on your keyboard and deselect. Add drop shadow 2, 2, 50, 5 black, then do the same over again but change it to -2, -2, 50, 5.
Add your text and credits and you're all done!

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