Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fairy Whispers Facebook Timeline

For this tutorial you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro, I am using PSP X, you should be able to use any version.

We are making a Facebook timeline cover, so please be sure that you are working with a tube from a company or artist that allows you to use their work on a Facebook cover WITHOUT using the artist URL, as Facebook has changed their TOU stating we cannot use URLs on our covers. You can find out if the store allows this by going to their FAQ pages.

Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of Erica Leigh Currey, which you need a license to use. You can get it at The PSP Project.

Scrap kit of choice. I am using Fairy Whispers, by Wicked Princess Scraps, which is exclusive to The PSP Project and made to go with the tube I am using. 

Font of choice, I am using Mardian

Plugins: Eye Candy 4000-HSB Noise & gradient glow

Just remember that my choices of papers and elements is just a suggestion, change it up and make it yours! You don't have to follow mine exactly.

Let's get started!

Add drop shadow throughout the tut on different elements as you like. I used 1, 1, 50, 5.

Open a new canvas 849 x 312 pixels, white background.

Add a new raster layer and flood fill with a blue gradient. I used one that alternated between blue and white and had the blue at each end and white in the middle. You can make your own by putting blue and white in your color palette, then clicking foreground, click gradients, then go to foreground background, and play with the repeats and angle until you get something you like. 

Open grass, copy and paste as a new layer, resize by 75%, adjust, sharpness, sharpen. Arrange in the bottom middle area.

Open pod trio, resize by 55%, arrange on the bottom right. Duplicate, mirror, move back to the right, and arrange them overlapping however you like it. You may need to use your eraser tool and erase one or two. Merge down. Duplicate & mirror. Arrange the duplicate layer on the left side.

Open your tube, copy and paste as a new layer, resize to fit, I think I resized mine around 30% then went to adjust, sharpness, sharpen, then add a drop shadow. To make her look like she's standing in the pod, I lowered the opacity of the tube to about 40, then used the eraser tool to erase the parts of her toes that looked like they were over the edge of the pod. Make sure to bring the opacity back to 100% when you're done.

Open Mushroom house, resize by 20%, arrange on hill. 

Open Mushroom, resize by 15%, arrange to the left of mushroom house, drag layer behind mushroom house layer.

Open poppy, copy and paste as new layer, resize by 20%, duplicate, resize by 80%, arrange on the hill.

Open rainbow, copy and paste as a new layer, arrange on left side. 

We're going to make the border now, before we finish adding elements on the timeline banner, just so we can kind of see where things will disappear behind the border.

Make your background layer active. Pick two colors from your tube or elements in the tag. I used #416a00 & #3e80b1

On your white background layer choose selections, select all, modify, select selection borders, and set it at 3. Go to the top layer, make it active, then add a new raster layer. Flood fill with your darker color. Deselect.

Do the same as above (always doing select all on the WHITE BACKGROUND LAYER), but change the select selection borders to 5 & fill with your lighter color.

Repeat the above steps, but change the number on the Select selection borders to 7, fill with the dark color.

Merge these three layers together by making the top layer active, clicking merge down, then click merge down again. 

Apply Eye Candy 4000-HSB Noise using the following settings from top to bottom:

Smooth Lumps
Seamless Tile
Set the random seed to whatever you like, I left mine on 1

Add drop shadow of 1, 1, 50, 5 then add it again using -1, -1, 50, 5

Open the cloud element, copy and paste as a new layer, resize by 65%, arrange on the top left above the rainbow but below the frame. Duplicate, mirror and arrange on the right top.

Open flowers2, resize by 30%, copy and paste as a new layer, arrange on the far right.

Open hummingbird, resize by 20%, arrange on tag where you like.

Add your copyright, credits, and name as needed, then save!

For my name, I added the text, convert to raster layer, then added a gradient glow of white, size 3.

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