Monday, January 19, 2015

Little Red

For this tutorial you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro, I am using PSP X7, you should be able to use any version.

Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of PinUp Toons (Individual tube 194-2)
which you need a license to use.  

Scrap kit of choice. I am using  a PTU kit by Monti called ScrapMonti_IB-PinUpToons-194-2

Font of choice, I am using Mistral

Penta Jeans
Alien Skin Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Just remember that my choices of papers and elements is just a suggestion, change it up and make it yours! You don't have to follow mine exactly.

Add a drop shadow of your choosing to tubes & elements throughout. I usually use 1, 1, 50, 5 unless otherwise noted.

Let's get started!


Open a new canvas 600 x 250 pixels with a white background (or whatever size your forum allows)
add a new raster layer, fill with #ab0301
apply Penta Jeans with the default settings

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, arrange on the left side of your frame

add the following elements:
element 19 resize 60% arrange behind and to the right of your tube, drop opacity to about 35
word art resize 40% arrange at the top right, add gradient glow of 2 white
element 8 resize 50% arrange in bottom right corner
element 23 resize 30% arrange in bottom right hand corner on top of the vine layer
element 15 resize 25% arrange in front of the wolf element

Make sure you are on the white background layer
Make your crop tool active, click on the crop to layer opaque, it should be on the top right side of your workspace toolbar

Still on the white background layer, selections, select all, modify, set selection borders, set it at 5 and click ok
add a new rater layer above all the other layers, flood fill with black

add your copyright and credits as needed
add your text and save


Open a new canvas 200 x 200 or whatever size you need for your forum

copy and paste the red background from your tag
copy and paste your tube
copy and paste the picnic basket

crop the avatar the same way you did the banner
add the border the same way you did on the banner, but make the width at 3 pixels instead of 5

add your copyright and credits as needed
add your text and save

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