Tuesday, February 17, 2015


For this tutorial you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro, I am using PSP X7, you should be able to use any version.

Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of Ismael Rac (Campus PD tube and
2013 Gangster Girl) which you need a license to use.  

Scrap kit of choice. I am using Walking the Beat by Monti 

Font of choice, I am using Stink On the Death

beckymask023, it's not available anymore online so I can't link it
if you don't have it, use another mask

Plugins: No outside plugins used

Just remember that my choices of papers and elements is just a suggestion, change it up and make it yours! You don't have to follow mine exactly.

Add a drop shadow of your choosing to tubes & elements throughout. I usually use 1, 1, 50, 5 unless otherwise noted.

Let's get started!

Open a new canvas 950 x 950 pixels with a white background

Copy and paste frame 1 as a new layer, resize 90%
click inside with your magic wand, selections, modify, expand 2, selections, invert
open paper 6 copy and paste as a new layer 
click delete on your keyboard,

Copy and paste both of your tubes as a new layer, resize gangster girl by 65%
arrange in your frame
erase the bits that hang out of your frame where you don't want them

Now time to add your elements:
element 15 resize 65% arrange on top of the frame, behind your tubes

element 10 resize 40% rotate left 25 arrange on far left, duplicate, drag one below the tube layer, leave one above, take the eraser tool and erase the part that goes over her arm on the top one
leave the bottom one as is, then you don't have to be super careful about not getting too many pixels and leaving a gaping space, as you will have the one on the bottom to show through

element 44 resize 40% arrange in front of the right side of the shield
element 32 resize 45% rotate right 25 arrange on far right side
element 34 resize 37% arrange behind element 32 on far right
element 28 resize 37% arrange to the left of element 34
element 29 resize 30% arrange on right side of yellow sign
element 8 resize 30% arrange over badge on bottom center
element 37 resize 20% arrange on bottom left
element 4 resize 55% arrange across the bottom

add paper 2 above the white background, apply BeckyMask23
merge group, resize 95%

crop and resize
add your copyright and credits as needed
add your text and save

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