Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pretty in Punk

You will need: Template 6 by Lorna @ Simply Sensational Scraps Scrapkit Just Gorguss by Monti at Monti's Pixel Playground Becky Mask 009 which I supply HERE Font of Choice. I used 814yzx 2 tubes of choice, I used the incredible artwork of Ismael Rac which you can purchase at AMI, or you can use 2 tubes of your choosing. Plugins: Eye Candy 3.1 and Xero-Radiance Ready? Let's go! Open your template and delete the layer called "Lorna" Change the canvas size to 700x700. I know it's huge, but you will crop it down in the end. This just gives us room to work. Open paper 5. If you are using different tubes, you'll have to colorize them according to the colors in your tubes. If you are using the same tubes as I am, then go to Image, Adjust brightness and contrast. Change brightness to 35, contrast to -8. Image, adjust Hue and Saturation, change hue to 230, saturation to 157 On the layer large grey rectangle, float, defloat, paste paper 5 as a new layer, hit invert and then delete on the paper layer. Select none, add drop shadow of choice, then delete the Grey rectangle layer. On large black rectangle fill, select all, float, defloat, and open paper 19, paste as a new layer, selections invert, and delete on your paper layer, keep selected. Add your tube. I resized mine by 90% and added a drop shadow. Position it to your liking, and erase the bits that hang over a the bottom. Back on your rectangle layer, add Eye Candy 3.1 gradient glow with the width set to 6. On the left grey rectangle, selections, select all, float, defloat, copy paper 19 as a new layer, selections invert, delete on the paper layer. Add another tube, hit delete on the tube layer. Deselect. Apply Xero radiance with the default settings. On left black rectangle, selections, select all, float, defloat, and add paper 3 as a new raster layer, selections invert, delete on the paper layer, add your drop shadow, and delete the original black rectangle layer. On the right grey and black rectangle layers follow the directions above that you just did for the left side, only mirror your tube. Open the element stitches Pink Dark and resize by 74%. Place where you like them, and erase the parts that cover your tubes. duplicate and move to the top. I merged these two layers down so they were one layer. Open whatever other elements you'd like to add, resize as necessary, add drop shadows and place where you'd like. Click on your white background layer, and add a new raster layer. Make your foreground #7a6488 and your background #d75fa6. Go to gradient and chose the first box under style, and then your angle should be 36 and your repeats 6. Flood fill the raster layer and apply Becky Mask 009. Delete the mask layer and merge group. Add your name and your © info, crop the excess off, and you're done!

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