Sunday, August 2, 2009


You will need: Kristen Template 42 Tube of Choice~ I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey which you must have a license to use. You can buy his work and get your license at MPT Font of Choice ~ I used ReskaGraf Plugin Xero - Radiance Eye Candy 3.1 - Glow Open your template, and delete the layer "credits" Change your canvas size to 700x700. You can crop it down at the end, this just gives you room to work. Click on layer wave rectangle, selections float, defloat, layer, new raster layer. Make your foreground color #6e2c38 background color black. On your materials palette, click on foreground and choose gradient. Under styles, click on the first choice, rotation 0, repeats 0. Flood fill your new layer. Keep selected. Copy your tube and paste it as a new layer. Have it facing the left. If your tube came facing right, mirror it before copy and pasting. Resize if necessary so that the face fills a good portion of the wave layer. Hit delete on the tube layer. Change the layer opacity to about 65 and soft light. Add a drop shadow of choice to your tube. I like to do this first if I am not going to delete all the tube that is outside whatever shape it's going to be in. That way after I delete or erase, I don't have to deal with the shadow hanging over the edge. Now copy your tube so it is facing the opposite way of the one in the wave layer, and paste as a new layer. Erase the parts that hang over the bottom, drag that layer to the top. Selections none. Duplicate your tube layer and on the original layer adjust blur, gaussian blur, 10. Apply Xero Radiance using the following settings: Strangeness 128 Charm 50 Truth 128 Beauty 255 Change the opacity of your top tube layer to about 75%. Delete the original wave rectangle layer. Click on your splats layer. Adjust hue and saturation to 255 and 71. Click on your skull bow layer, adjust hue and saturation as you did on the splats layer. Merge all the skull layers. Apply plugin Eye Candy 3.1 glow, changing the width to 6. Click on the words layer. Selection, select all, float, defloat, modify, expand 2. Add a new raster layer under the words layer and flood fill with #6e2c38, deselect. Add drop shadow to bottom layer. I used 1, 1, 60, 5, black. Merge your two words layers.

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