Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rac SOTM and new tubes!

Wow, so far it's been an amazing month. Over at the Official Xeracx Stalkers forum, they made me the FIRST SOTM (Stalker of the Month). I've gotten lots of beautiful tags from everyone! Thank you so much to those who have gifted me with tags. Let's see, the new Halloween tubes came out today and since I'm officially without an income until I find another job, I was sure I wasn't going to get them. Well, some very sweet person (who shall remain nameless unless she tells) gifted me with the pack! Whoot! I made a couple new tags today, though they weren't Halloween themed, they are most likely going to be tuts here as soon as I write them up. Sometime, probably next month I'm told, because Rac is pretty swamped, look for the "Mindy" tube by Rac over at AMI which is the tube inspired by me! Have a spook-tac-u-lar weekend, and happy stalking!

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