Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy New Year

For this tutorial you will need the following: Paint Shop Pro: I am using PSP X, but any version should work. Animation Shop Tube of choice, I am using the beautiful artwork of Ismael Rac which you have to purchase at AMI to use. Scrap kit: Happy New Year by Sylvie at Fantasy Moments. This is a FTU kit. Fireworks animation from VerveGrafx. I used #18, but feel free to use another that you may like and change it up. You may have to change the animation instructions to fit the number of frames your animation has if you use another. Font of choice. I used Pea Lovey Dovey Plugin Alien Eye Candy 3.1 Glow Let's begin! Open a new canvas 650 x 650, flood fill white. Open element 47, copy and paste as a new layer, resize 70%, add drop shadow. Open frame element 63, copy and paste as a new layer, resize 60%, add a drop shadow. Click inside the frame with your selection tool, modify, expand by 5. Open paper 5, paste as a new layer, resize by 80%, invert, and on the paper layer, hit delete on your keyboard, drag layer below your frame, keep selected. Copy your tube and paste as a new layer. Arrange it how you like it and then erase the bits that hang over your frame. Deselect, add drop shadow. Open element 19, resize by 55%, take your eraser tool and erase the bows and the string connecting the banner to the bows on each side. Apply the Eye Candy Glow effect with a width of 5. Position across the bottom of the frame. Open element 3, the clock. Take your selection tool and click inside, hold down the shift key and click inside all the numbers that are round (0,6, etc) and inside the hands of the clock. Add a new raster layer and flood fill with white. Deselect. Copy merged and paste on your tag as a new layer. Resize by 20%, rotate to the left by 13, add a drop shadow, arrange to the top left of your frame. Open the champagne glasses, element 12, copy and paste as a new layer, resize by 20%, add your drop shadow, and move to the bottom right of your frame. Add any other elements you might like. Add your name and your copyright/license info. Crop it down and delete the white background layer. I added a glow around my name with a width of 5 and then added my drop shadow. If you are not going to animate, you can save it now as a .png file so it will be transparent. To animate: Click on your paper layer that you used to fill your frame with. Selections, select all, float, defloat. Go to your Animation Shop and open your fireworks animation. Click on layer one and copy. Go back to PSP and just above your background layer that you have selected, but below the frame layer, add a new raster layer, and name it 1. Paste your animation as a new image. Go to your materials pallette and set the foreground as a pattern and browse until you find your firework, chose that, and go back and fill the new layer you opened with your firework pattern. Delete the firework image, and go back to AS and click on the second frame of the animation, copy it and go back into PSP. Paste as a new image. Add a new raster layer and name it 2,above layer 1 that you made for your firework. Set your foreground to pattern and browse to find the firework image you just pasted, flood fill that layer with the firework pattern. Keep repeating the above directions until you have a layer for each layer of your firework animation. After you get all the layers into your tag, deselect. Hide all firework layers except layer 1. Copy merged and take the tag over to animation shop, paste as a new animation. Back in PSP, hide layer 1 and unhide layer 2, copy merged and take into animation shop, paste after current frame. Go back into PSP, hide layer 2 and unhide layer 3. Copy merged and take into animation shop, paste after current frame. Continue as above until you have all your layers moved into animation shop. Make sure you save the tag you have in PSP as a psp image and then the next time you want to make one for someone, you'll only have to change the name on it, and then copy each of the layers over into AS. You won't have to fill each layer again! In Animation Shop, crop and resize your tag as needed and save. You're all done!

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