Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Princess

For this tutorial you will need the following: Paint Shop Pro, any version 7 and above should work. I am using PSP X. Artist tube of your choice. I am using the cool artwork of AV Phibes, who is one of the March featured artists at AMI. Get her work HERE. WSL_mask84 from WeeScotsLass. Eye Candy 4000 Marble, MuRa Meister Copies, Eye Candy 3.1 glow (optional, for the glow around name text) Let's get started! Open a new canvas, size at about 700x700 with a white background. You can crop it at the end if it's too big. Open your tube. Take two colors from your tube, I used #a5a9ad (foreground) from her shoes and #ae59a5 (background)from her lips. Now, click on your foreground color and choose "other" then choose gradient. Choose the rectangular Style one, then click on the arrow by the color box and scroll down until you see foreground/background fading and choose that. Angle set to 0 repeat set to 1, click ok, then flood fill a new raster layer on your canvas. Now, open your mask, and apply it by going to Layer, New Mask Layer, From Image. Once applied, on your layers palette, delete the mask layer, click ok to the pop up box, and then merge the group. Make black your foreground and close off your background color. Take your preset shapes tool set at rectangle, width as 6 and draw out a tall, thinnish rectangle (see mine for reference). Convert to raster layer. Apply eye candy 4000 marble to the rectangle. Change the bedrock color to black and the vein color to #ae59a5. Click on the random seed a few times til you find something you like, or just leave it, completely up to you. It all looks about the same, you're just changing the placement of the purplish veins by clicking random seed. Take your magic wand and click inside the rectangular layer, add a new raster layer below it and flood fill with #dda3c9. Leave selected. Now take your tube, copy and paste as a new layer, resize if necessary. Erase the bits that hang over your rectangle frame. Draw out another, smaller, rectangle to the right of your larger one, as above. Follow the same steps to apply the filters and fill the inside. I used a lighter shade of pink on my smaller rectangles. Once done, merge the layers together and duplicate, then mirror the duplicate so it goes to the right side. Take your text tool and with a nice pixel font or something that looks good in tiny print, write out "Little Princess" or some other text. Rotate it to the left by 90, objects, align, center in canvas, and convert to raster layer. Apply MuRa Meister copies, down at the bottom where it says "preset menu" click on that, scroll down and change to tiling. Now change the tile gap to 2 and click ok. Hide that layer for a moment. Merge the two small outside rectangles, and then take your magic wand and click inside one, hold down the shift key and click inside the other. Selections, modify, expand by 2. Now unhide your text layer, selections, invert, and on the text layer, hit delete on your keyboard. Change the blend mode to burn and lower to opacity to around 60. Now just add your ©info, your name, delete the white background layer, crop and resize if necessary. Save as a .png file so that it's transparent. (I used a glow of 5, fat, white around my name text on mine).

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