Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet Spring Kiss

For this tutorial you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro, I am using PSP X, you should be able to use any version.

Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of  Ismael Rac which you need a licence to use.

Scrap kit of choice. I am using Sweetly Sprung, a PTU kit by Alika's Scraps, which you can find at Pimp My Tags With Scraps.

Heart Temp #1 by Athena which you will find on the Creative Misfits blog.

Font of choice, I am using Scriptina 

Plugins: No outside plugins used

Just remember that my choices of papers and elements is just a suggestion, change it up and make it yours! You don't have to follow mine exactly.

Add a drop shadow of your choosing to tubes & elements throughout. I usually use 1, 1, 50, 5 unless otherwise noted.

Let's get started!

Open your template, shift D to duplicate, close the original.

Delete the following layers: ©, mask, all hearts frames and backs.

Unhide the white background layer, resize to about 640 x 640 then change the canvas size to 850 x 850.
This gives us some room to work.

Fill layers Back 1, 2, 3, and 4 with papers. I used papers 1, 3, 7 and 8.
Do this by making the layer active, click inside it with the magic wand,
selections, invert, copy and paste the paper, click delete on your keyboard.
Deselect the layer and delete the original template layer. 

Next we will change the color of the frames layer. To do this, choose which color you would like to make them. Right click with your mouse on the black frame, left click on the papers on the color you'd like to make the frame. Make your color replacer tool active, then just go over the frame and it will change the color of the frame.
Once done with that, click on adjust, add/remove noise, add noise, uniform, 40, monochrome checked.

Open your tube, copy and paste as a new layer, resize if needed. Mine needed to be resized by about 45%.
Erase the parts that hang over where you don't want them.

Now add the elements you'd like. Check my tag for placement. I used:

as20, resize 75%
as24, resize 40%, rotate left 20
as07, mirror rotate right 30
as17 on top and bottom
as15, resize 50%
as21, resize 35%

Add a new raster layer above the white background.
Flood fill with #fab2c9 and add your mask.

Crop, resize, add your credits/copyrights
add your name and save.

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